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Lab Automation Network:

End-to-end workflows, best-of-breed technologies, interoperable components.


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Our job is to get you connected with the best lab automation technologies for your needs. As scientists with 25+ years of professional experience, we understand your applications and your organizational requirements. And you benefit from our profound overview of the solution space. 

Innovative tools help us to effectively capture your requirements - and translate them into leading-edge, interoperable, vendor-agnostic solution concepts. Our platform service is sponsored by the network companies and is free for you as a buyer.


LAN Counter at the Analytica Fair




We deliver complete automation solutions, including instruments, robotic systems, and software - and make sure that the requirements of your applications are fully met.

Feasibility Studies & Engineering Services

We thoroughly analyze and test the technical, organizational, and financial feasibility of solution concepts. It’s about turning innovative ideas into practical, workable, and optimized plans.



We advise on the major technological trends, identify immediate measures for quick success and develop long-term strategies to make sure you get a technological advantage.

Implementation, Repair, & Upgrade Services

We help you to seamlessly integrate new equipment into your existing infrastructure. We refurbish, modify, and upgrade your existing equipment and take care of continuous support.    

Selected Solutions

Crop Science 

Plant pots with test plants

We provide automated solutions for various processes in crop science, covering tasks like formulation, sample preparation, plant spray application, phenotyping, seed picking, and soil dispensing. We design customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

We provide automated solutions for cell culture applications, suitable for R&D and cell and gene therapy manufacturing under GMP conditions. Our solutions include operations such as cell plate production, expansion, harvesting, single-cell injection, and extraction.

Cell Culture

Cell culture automation systems in a laboratory

We provide software integrations for laboratory processes. We curate advanced tools for protocol design, execution, documentation, augmented reality, and mobile robotics, customized to fit into your existing lab and IT structures.

Process Integration 

Augmented reality assisted GMP manufacturing

We provide comprehensive automated bioburden testing solutions, from filtration to incubation and read-out. Especially beneficial for  manufacturing sites with high sample numbers, our solutions enhance accuracy, minimize errors, and expedite your testing process.

Bioburden Testing 

Sterile bioburden testing workcell with robot

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Lab Automation Network

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