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Cell Culture

We provide automated solutions for cell culture applications, suitable for R&D and cell and gene therapy manufacturing under GMP conditions. Our solutions include operations such as cell plate production, expansion, harvesting, single-cell injection, and extraction.

Enhancing Efficiency And Quality Control

Innovative Automation Solutions for Cell Culture Applications

At Lab Automation Network, we understand the challenges of cell culture applications both in R&D and Cell & Gene Therapy manufacturing under GMP conditions.

Our automation solutions cover a range of functions, from cell plate production for high-throughput screening to passaging, expansion, and harvesting in various flask and bottle formats. We also offer single-cell injection and extraction, pick & place of cells and organoids, and advanced PAT solutions for comprehensive quality control and deep process characterization. Additionally, we provide augmented reality support for manual work steps, allowing for more efficient and effective lab operations.

Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of both R&D applications and small-scale manufacturing for cell & gene therapies. We work with you to understand your unique needs and design a customized solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows and IT environments.

We help you streamline your lab processes, minimize errors, and increase efficiency. At Lab Automation Network, we're committed to helping you stay ahead of the curve in cell culture applications.

Our Partners

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