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Our Solutions

How to Make the Best Laboratory Automation Systems

We carefully listen to your technical, organizational, and budgetary requirements, and then identify the best technologies and partner combinations available. Together we discuss conceptual design alternatives and find the most optimum solution for your specific requirements.

Depending on the particular solution you choose, one of our technology providers or systems integrators will act as your general contractor. He will provide you with the entire solution, services and support needed for a successful production rollout and year on year operation of your system.


At all times Lab Automation Network will stay at your side during the project and thereafter. We care for your success: increase throughput, maximize quality, gain productivity. Achieve your objectives.

Why Are We Doing This? 

Laboratory automation requires sound knowledge in many different areas of expertise. This is why we combine technologically leading solution providers for each business domain, including suppliers beyond our network.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and customer success, which is proven by our excellent reputation.  

Our service is sponsored by the LAN member companies and is offered free of charge for our customers.

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