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Process Integration

We provide software integrations for laboratory processes. We curate advanced tools for protocol design, execution, documentation, augmented reality, and mobile robotics, customized to fit into your existing lab and IT structures.

Streamlining Workflows and Increasing Efficiency

Customized Process Integration Solutions for Laboratories

At Lab Automation Network, we offer customized software solutions to seamlessly integrate instruments, logistics systems, and software components into the existing laboratory and IT environments at our customers' laboratories.

Our process integration solutions cover a range of tasks, from advanced software tools for protocol design, execution, and documentation to augmented reality and mobile collaborative robotics. We work with you to understand your unique needs and design a customized solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows and IT environments.

Our solutions help you streamline your lab processes, minimize errors, and increase efficiency. With our advanced software tools for protocol design, execution, and documentation, for example, you can easily design, execute, and document complex lab processes with ease and accuracy. Our mobile collaborative robotics and augmented reality support also enable more efficient and effective lab operations.

Our Partners

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